Not sure if its gold? We will analyze it on the spot!


We have been in the gold industry for over 22 years and now we have the latest X-ray gold testing analyzer on the market!

The Pawnshop & Jewellery Centre offers extremely accurate gold quality testing with the use of our new X-ray gold testing machine.

Through the non-destructive x-ray technology this analyzer means no messy or dangerous acid testing so there is no chance of potential damage to your precious items.

This X-ray analyzer will quickly distinguish between solid gold & gold plating & determine the accurate karat weight of gold.

It analyzes precious metals with speed & accuracy so you are guaranteed the best price for your gold.

Come & see us today for a quick & easy quote to pawn or sell your gold items for cash!

The Pawnshop & Jewellery Centre

We sell pre-loved jewellery including wedding bands, necklaces, gold chains,watches, earrings and more.